Video Upload : Believe In Yourself?

Meyrick Murphy stars in an all new video about meme culture and hipster tweens.


Yesterday, May the 4th (be with you), we published a new video to our YouTube channel. Meyrick Murphy (Walking Dead, Kubo and the Two Strings) stars in “Believe in Yourself?” The 2 minute short takes a glance into tween meme/internet culture, big questions, and what it really means to believe in yourself. Written/directed by Faire Pie’s Taylor Blackwell.

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Excuse Me! #1 – Video Upload

Hello everyone! Noelle here again. Today I’m going to fill you guys in on our latest video – the first episode of our new series.

On top of all of that this video is very special to us because we got work with Meyrick Murphy ( The Walking Dead, Kubo and the Two Strings)

She is so incredibly talented, smart, and easy to worth this.

This video was also the first time you all get to see Faire Pie Co-creator Chase Cope in action.

We were inspired to make this video because of just how chaotic everything seems right now.

Our goal was to blend facts and opinions into a funny video that will take the edge off without leaving you ( or us) feeling guilty about turning a blind eye.

As always let us know your thoughts below and tell us what you’d like to see from us in the future!

– Noelle

Faire Pie Productions

A Very Merry Jewish Christmas – Video Upload


It’s Noelle of team Faire Pie here today to tell you guys a little bit about our very first video.

Taylor and I really wanted to do a holiday themed video because the holidays are pretty unique time of year.

As we started talking we realized how different but similar the christmas season can be for Jewish families and Christians as well. And that both always tip toe around the other not wanting to offend or insult when the truth is many of us have the same or similar traditions around the holidays.

This video is meant to highlight the beauty of friendship and those shared traditions in a funny way that also reflects Taylor and my own generation.

We really hope you enjoy this video.  Please let us know what you think or you would like to see more of in the future.

– Noelle

Faire Pie Productions


Hello From Team Faire Pie! Blog #1

This is the post excerpt.

Welcome to the Faire Pie Production website! We are all so excited to finally share with you our long in the works company. We’d love for you to like our page so you can see all of our latest projects, special behind the scenes, and updates.
XO Noelle Cope, Taylor Blackwell, and Chase Cope.